What are you doing over winter break?

December 16, 2012

Mike Selnes climbs a Christmas mountain at last year's SLA party.


This season, we thought we’d turn your thoughts to the more pleasant things to come than exams. Two whole (much needed) weeks off! Well, unless you are preparing for trials or doing the Jessup. Either way, there will no doubt be a few things for us all to look forward to this holiday seasons. At  SLA’ Secret Santa present exchange (organized by the very busy Delna Contractor)  I had a chance to catch up with some of my fellow SLAyers and ask them about their holiday plans. Here’s what they had to say:

Tyler Lillo, 3L: Going up to Lesser Slave Lake to visit my Baba for X-mas.

George Huang, 1L: Visiting Toronto with family.

Sierra Yanush, 1L: Going home to Ontario to have a mad dance party with the ‘fristers’ (Sisters who are friends)

Peter Morrison, 2L: I am going to the dame thing I do every Christmas … try to take over the world

Wilson Chan, 3L: Sleep, prepare for trial, sleep.

Michelle Christopher, Exceutive Director, Student Legal Assistance: Sleep in on Boxing day and sit around in my PJ’s, reading the new books I anticipate Santa will leave under the tree.

Delna Contractor, 2L: The Jessup will be consuming my soul

Alyshia Meyers, Student Legal Assistance: Spending time with my family and not bowling

Mike Grassie, 1L: Going home to Kelowna, which will probably end up being quite nomadic as I usually end up on 12 different couches in 14 days.

Lindsey Mosher, 1L: Staying at home and sleeping.

Charlotte Stokes, 1L: Going to Denver to spend Christmas with my family…and skating, of course!

Elise Woodall, 1L: Wizard World of Harry Potter! My dreams are coming true.

Kourtney Rylands, 2L: Busy with court in December then prepping for a 5-day trial coming up in January but I will be busy entertaining children over Christmas.


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