April 2013 & Yearbook: Articling, Goodbyes, and LOL Cats

April 14, 2013
Though this is technically a Yearbook issue, I really didn't get many photos submitted. Maybe next year?

Though this is technically a Yearbook issue, I really didn’t get many photos submitted. It’s a little 3L heavy.


The last Moot Times of the year is available now. Read it here. It’s loaded with pictures, tales of articling jobs, photos of cats, and two full pages of Brent Sharpless.

Are you interested in contributing next year? Talk to Juliana Tam, Dana Martin and Ricki-Lee Gerbrandt, our editorial board for next year.

Note: On page 4, Billionaire George Soros was incorrectly credited as being a Latvian billionaire. He is actually a Hungarian billionaire, making him still a billionaire. Good for him.

We were alerted to this error after press time, thanks to the keen reading ability of a non-volunteering graduating student. If we only had a Delorean that could get up to 88 miles per hour, we could go back in time to first year, and convince them to volunteer as a copy editor. 


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